The complete unit of tubes and connector is therefore relatively expensive to purchase for us. The laptop uses an Intel Core i7-12700H and Nvidia's latest RTX 3000 GPUs, ranging from the RTX 3060 up to the 3080 Ti. With the 2023 generation plug, the connection is completed via the pulling force of a magnet in the connector. ANTI-LEAK TECH. A hinged rubber closure is no longer present or necessary. A much more thermally efficient TIM, liquid metal conducts 17 times more heat than traditional thermal pastes. If XMG OASIS was purchased together with an XMG laptop, we always include the adapter hose that matches the laptop. This is now to be corrected: the. This new generation (XOAM2, i.e. On the laptop-end, there's a 2-in-1 reversible connector. The ports can be included independent of the laptops design, as long as the laptop has at least a certain minimum z-height. We didn't want to stop there. There are dangers, XMG claims, including formation of ice in the laptop if you don't drain it and then bring it outside when i t's cold, liquid contamination when draining the laptop or, my personal favorite, "very gross mechanical damage due to dropping the laptop from a great height." When looking at the device upside down we can see a good amount of ventilation grills, that ensure that fresh cold air is entering the device in order to cool it down. You should NEVER fill in tap water, mineral water or any other food liquid not even as a test. The team at ROG turned to liquid metal. The laptop's 15-inch, 2560 x 1220 display runs at 240 Hz, and you get up to 64GB of RAM and up to two m.2 SSDs. Liquid cooling is usually the domain of enthusiast desktop gaming PCs. Besides these self-sealing connectors, proper handling of the hardware is of course required. Including the cooling liquid, the OASIS weighs just 1.3 kg. Our next major milestone with liquid metal came in 2021, when we were able to apply it to both Intel and AMD processors, as well as the GPU of the Strix G Advantage Edition. Whereas the Highest Price of Air Cooler (Room Cooler) is 14,900 Taka (Bangladeshi) at The Zephyrus M16 blends outstanding HDR gaming performance with undeniable luxury, ROG goes all-in on ATX 3.0: get your free 16-pin cable today, The ROG Phone 7 and ROG Phone 7 Ultimate usher in a new era of mobile gaming, every laptop equipped with an 10th Gen Intel Core processor. The 4K IPS screen has grown from 17.3-inches to 18.4-inches. Laptop stands at eye level (e.g. Liquid cooling is usually the domain of enthusiast desktop gaming PCs. I need a new set of tubes or adapters - what do I need to consider? XMG says the price "will not exceed 200." The liquid-carrying tubes between the laptop and XMG OASIS are reversible. Despite having a quick-release connector, a few drops of liquid will still cling onto the water ports of the laptop itself after disconnecting the tubes. Practically, the only use case is if the user disconnects the tubes from the laptop without first switching off XMG OASIS. In our CES 2022 launch material, we announced that the water pipe would be made from aluminum in order to use only a single material inside the whole water loop. Further adapter tube sets are available separately. As far as the cooling on the device is concerned, it features a 6 heat pipe design, that helps cool down the CPU, GPU, VRMs, and graphics memory. We also recommend investing in a liquid cooler if you have or are planning to buy a high-performance processor like the new Intel Core i9-13900K or AMD's Ryzen WebHIDevolution specializes in customized gaming laptops, mobile workstations, desktops, and mobile devices for gamers, professionals, and anyone with a passion for the latest For new laptop models in 2023, the mechanical design of the connection between the laptop and the XMG OASIS has been changed so that the connectors on the laptop can now seal themselves. Liquids that are not explicitly recommended for use with PC liquid cooling will inevitably cause organic substances, minerals, and other contamination to accumulate. Simply contact us directly:Monday Friday: 8 am 6 pmPhone: +49 341 246 704 0Email: [emailprotected]. Some components are now made in POM instead of PC+ABS for better compatibility with certain cooling fluids. In the other orientation, it will hit the GPU first. Show your passion! The thermal dissipation takes place in a free-standing unit. Thermal paste normally uses silicone-based polymers, and some thermal paste makers typically add fillers such as aluminum oxide or carbon micro-particles in order to further improve the compounds thermal conductivity. Thanks to its slim tower design, it takes up very little space on your desktop and is also easy to stow away in a backpack. Back in 2016, the Asus ROG GX700, cooled a Core i7-6820HK and Nvidia GeForce GTX 980. The two cooling tubes are connected to a metal pipe inside the laptop through a 2-in-1 quick release connector on the back of the laptop. You already own XMG OASIS from 2022 and you want to operate it with a new laptop from 2023? There's not much room in a cramped laptop for much beyond air cooling. When choosing laptop stands, it is therefore advisable to check how high the stand is and what angle of inclination it has. Two more are cooling down the CPU, and the last one is dedicated to keeping the CPU voltage regulators temperatures in check. Keep an eye out for even more models featuring this incredible thermal interface material coming soon. We also provide useful tips and tricks to help you get the maximum performance out of your XMG machine. As can be seen inour video, there is a fairly high tolerance range between minimum and optimum fill level. He also keeps up with the latest news. When you're not connected to the reservoir, the Neo laptop uses air cooling, just like most gaming notebooks. Heat sinks. Max Tech 1.1M subscribers 238K views 2 years ago The biggest issue with the 2020 MacBook Air is heat, but today we fix that! XMG at CAGGTUS Leipzig: Germanys biggest LAN party, XMG OASIS (2023) is now available for individual order, Solution for GPU Freezing Issue on XMG NEO (E23), XMG PRO and FOCUS with Core i9-13900HX and up to RTX 4070. is the official partner shop of XMG. Apart from the height ratio between the laptop and the liquid cooling system, the orientation does not matter. For new laptop models in 2023, the mechanical design has been changed so that the ports on the laptop are now self-sealing. Hi all, finished my project water cool MSI GE 75 9SF a while ago but just created reddit account. If the water pipe inside the laptop is leaking due to normal wear and tear, this would be covered under warranty. It also suggests that a successor to the Oasis (which, again, doesn't even have a release date yet) could potentially work with the new Neo 15. The XMG OASIS (2023) integrates all the components of a liquid cooling system into a stylish, external chassis with a matt black stealth look. Very gross mechanical damage due to dropping the laptop from a great height. Below is a table showing all of our laptopsfrom the last four years, and which models utilized liquid metals for cutting edge performance. One more thing to keep in mind is that this article is not describing the best laptops, in terms of price/performance ratios. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). If the connector for the 2022 generation is not completely plugged in, it immediately pops out again without having opened its seal. A look at the temperature values shows just how potent the additional cooling resources are that the XMG OASIS (2023) unleashes. The tube is following a curvy path across the cooling system, indirectly touching the laptops main heat emitters: processor, graphics card, voltage regulators and video memory. The XMG OASIS is an optional add-on for the compatible models of the XMG CORE and NEO series. In fact, it was the first notebook that broke the 4.00 GHz barrier on a six-core processor at Prime95 we tested. For power, the OASIS is simply connected directly to the laptop power supply, with the laptop then connected to the OASIS. In the case of the 2022 generation, things are clearly leaning towards draining the water because the ports on the laptop are not self-sealing and the manually closed rubber should only be trusted to a limited extent. If there is a defect, we will find out the most probably root cause of it. Oct 17, 2020 #1 Howdy guys, I'm planning to apply a liquid metal (Conductonaut) in my Asus GL504GW, because it's not rare for the CPU to go up to 95 Since the water ports are different between the generations 2022 and 2023, the drainage adapter is different as well. However, mobile use and transport of the laptop with liquid remaining in the laptop is still not recommended. This adapter can also be used in reverse orientation to drain the liquid from the XMG OASIS without unscrewing the tubes from the cooling unit. In the end, it is only important that the upper end of the reservoir is the highest point in the cooling circuit. Great care must also be taken when the cooling circuit is disconnected and when the liquid tank is refilled. Draining water from the laptop is supported by a drain adapter supplied with the XMG OASIS. WebLiquid cooling is a method of cooling that uses a closed loop of water to transfer heat away from the hardware. This first test of liquid metal required application by hand, but the thermal results proved that we were onto something special. when leaving the house), however, caution is advised. Below is an image which shows the way the air travels inside the MSI GL75. However, we still only recommend distilled water. The caps can provide additional protection to these ports from droplets of water. The XMG CORE 17 combines the discreet elegance of its undercover gaming design with latest-generation hardware to stamp its mark in the upper midrange performance class. It has higher thermal conductivity, making the system more effective. Powerful, with an eye for the essentials: Thanks to NVIDIA graphics cards up to GeForce RTX 3070 and fast Ryzen 5000 eight-core processors, the XMG APEX 17 is bursting with power. The advantage of this method is that it allows for much greater control over the temperature of the computer's components, and it can be used in conjunction with other cooling methods to create a more effective cooling solution. If you separate the system from the laptop, the cooling liquid at first remains inside the metal pipe in the laptop. New York, Leakage inside the laptop due to normal wear and tear is thus virtually impossible. As the owner of an XMG laptop or PC, you can purchase* a check-up at any time and send your product in for cleaning and maintenance. High-performance gaming at an attractive price: the powerfully dominant XMG APEX 15 packs fast ray-tracing graphics cards up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 and Ryzen 5000 eight-core processors from AMD into a sturdy chassis with a bold gaming design. Water Communication between the two devices for controlling the pump, fan and RGB lighting takes place via Bluetooth. If you plan to transport the laptop, we strongly recommend draining the liquid from the laptop with the provided drainage adapter. However, it is unlikely that the most minor accidents of everyday life (e.g. Top subscription boxes right to your door, 1996-2023,, Inc. or its affiliates. Every laptop generates heat, thanks to powerful components packed in a portable chassis. These ports are located directly next to the water ports on the back of the laptop. When not handled correctly, it can easily touch a sensitive component and lead to a short, causing damage to the laptop. The current firmware of XMG OASIS is displayed in the Control Center of XMG CORE and XMG NEO. Placing the cooling system at an extreme height (e.g. The radiator is the heart of the liquid cooling system: warm liquid flows through a tube from the laptop into the radiator and is cooled there by the large-area case fan. With NVIDIAs cutting-edge, ray-traced GeForce RTX 3060 and fast eight-core processors, youre all set for a performance revolution with the latest generation of hardware. After initially running Windows, the Tuxedo Stellaris 15 Gen4 now plays nice with Linux, the vendor recently announced. The cap could leak due to normal wear and tear, improper handling or accidents. Below you can see a video teardown of the Lenovo Legion 7 (15): I agree that Lenovo Legion deserves the top spot. You're supposed to shut down the laptop (or at least put it in sleep mode), before disconnecting the tubes and cover them with a gasket. Generation 2022 has a mechanical lock. There are no differences in volume, cooling performance or firmware/software support. Always keep all surfaces clean and dry. But there's another, unsung hero in the chain of cooling: TIM. WebWater cooled my MSI laptop. For longer transports or prolonged mobile use, it is clearly recommended to drain the water. XMG claims its Oasis cooler can drop CPU and GPU temperatures by around 20 degrees Celsius. Instead, they have decided to add a huge vapor chamber and two heat pipes to keep the VRMs and the graphics memory in check. You have lost your drainage adapter? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from If you disconnect the connection and immediately seal the ports on the laptop side (in the 2023 laptop generation the ports are self-sealing), you lose at most a few drops. Level-up with the XMG FOCUS 15: The versatile gaming all-rounder moves into the upper performance class with a 24-core CPU from Intel, significantly more powerful NVIDIA graphics cards and fast displays for high-FPS gaming. Owners of XMG OASIS should already have the appropriate drainage adapter that fits the laptop they originally ordered with the cooling unit, because the adapter came together with the cooling unit. How often would I have to refill the cooling fluid? But disconnecting the Oasis from the Neo requires some maintenance to avoid leakage. Future US, Inc. Full 7th Floor, 130 West 42nd Street, Wrap XMG OASIS in a small towel or blanket to catch any residual liquid during transportation. Rev. We have tested numerous gaming laptops and have prepared our Top 7 Gaming laptops with the best cooling solutions for 2020/21. Connecting and setting up the user-friendly XMG OASIS is easy, even for beginners. 2022 saw a return of liquid metal on all ROG laptops, and the GPU of the Zephyrus G14. Water expansion caused by high temperatures might push it out. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. If the system is idle, the OASIS switches itself off and only reactivates when the temperatures rise and the load increases. There's not much room in a cramped laptop for much beyond air cooling. Spare parts and accessories are available. As you will see in the teardown video that we will leave below, the air vents on this device are absolutely massive, and when paired up with a cooling solution that comprises of 7 heat pipes, which are quite beefy. Lack of due dilligence with removing remaining water drops on the laptop after disconnecting the water tubes. Mark II) has not yet been officially announced and is not yet available. Tube set for laptop model year 2022 | Part-No. The model name of the laptop incl. The XMG OASIS comes with everything you need to get started: Screw on the tubes, fill with liquid and get started. The high performance of modern laptop components is based not least on ever higher power limits and sophisticated power management. To benefit from this service, simply contact the customer support and ask them to send you the documents for return shipment. The laptop itself will start at 2,500 be available for pre-order at the end of the month with shipping planned for the middle of February. Also, the position of the liquid cooling system in the rear center of the laptop (far away from the corners) makes it unlikely that the system will immediately lose its structural integrity in the event of a mostly cosmetical damage on the laptop. If a curve in the connecting tubes forms the highest point in the system, air bubbles may also accumulate there and reduce the throughput of the cooling circuit. What is the material of the water-carrying pipe in the laptop? You can find Conductonaut Extreme in the ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 as well as the Strix SCAR family, enabling incredible cooling performance for our most powerful laptops. Adding a heat sink, whether air or liquid cooling, to your laptop can be more labor intensive and expensive, but its one of the most direct solutions to dispersing excess heat. This would theoretically make it possible to disconnect the cooling system from the laptop, seal the connections immediately and transport the laptop, including the cooling liquid inside, at least for short distances. Your current shipping address and preferred payment method. Another thing is that the way we test these devices are not descriptive of real-life usage scenarios, since even the most demanding games dont ramp up the hardware to 100% all the time. The aim is an open, forward-looking ecosystem, not a mere proof of concept one-off. As soon as we introduce this new chassis in the future, we also plan to offer corresponding adapter-hose pairs to make the new enclosure compatible with all laptops (2022 and 2023) that have been advertised as OASIS-ready so far. As we have said in our in-depth review (you can read it here), the Acer Predator Helios 700 is basically a desktop pc that is disguised as a laptop. If the water pipe inside the laptop is damaged by exposing it to freezing temperatures with liquid inside. While most people look at the spec sheet when choosing their next gaming laptop, it is very important to research the cooling solutions that have been implemented, in order to combat thermal throttling, which is the worst thing that could happen to a gaming laptop. In addition to cleaning accessories for the connections, you will also find a set of dust caps for the HDMI and USB-C port. What are the warranty terms for XMG OASIS? The thumbscrews of the tube connectors on the side of the XMG OASIS have been improved. They need to be as thin and light as possible, while also featuring components more powerful than ever. generation code, e.g. Can I still use the laptop without water cooling? You have lost your drainage adapter? 19% VAT. As for our real-life gaming tests, itss temperatures remained stable and we monitored no sudden changes in clock speeds even after 30 minutes of gaming. 19% VAT. More information about this can be found in the user manual under chapter 11, titled Disconnect the water tubes. Single drops of liquid might escape through the ventilation hole. Our opinions are based on tests from our laboratory. We recommend using industry-grade distilled water with XMG OASIS. As far as comfort was concerned, the laptop was decent both in terms of heat and noise. There are markings that indicate the minimum and optimal fill level. - TechPowerUp Learn More. around the centrally located water ports on the back of the chassis) or if mechanical damage has led to large-scale deformation of the chassis, you should immediately stop using the liquid cooling system, contact our support and request an RMA. All you truly need for a water cooling Drain adapter for laptop model year 2023 | Part-No. These have to be removed before transporting the laptop. Generation 2022 has a magnetic plug. Ultimately, it is a matter of personal consideration how much one is comfortable and confident in using the laptop safely on the move with liquid remaining inside. When compared to ROG laptops cooled with traditional paste, our team saw incredible temperature reductions of around 10C on average. No, we're not talking about Tim the Enchanter. Which laptop models are compatible with XMG OASIS? The laptop can be configured with some of the fastest Improper handling of the cooling tubes (kinking, tearing, etc.). NY 10036. The safest method would be to also drain all liquid from XMG OASIS as well. home and working place), please consider to buy additional units of XMG OASIS in order to avoid risky and inconvenient transportation. In 2017, our engineering team began to research whether liquid metal was feasible in a laptop. The Core i7-6820HK runs slightly faster, up to 4.4GHz. However, this 2023 connector should still be jiggled a little to check that the plug has landed completely parallel to the laptop. *Liquid metal version may vary by configuration. A self-sealing, quick-release connector makes it easy to connect the liquid cooling system to the NEO 15 and it can be disconnected just as easily, if you only want to take the laptop with you. Practice utmost caution every single time when disconnecting XMG OASIS from your laptop. Formally speaking: mobile use and transport of the laptop with liquid remaining in the laptop is not recommended. The connection between the unit and the laptop takes up only relatively little space on the laptop. The XMG CORE 14 takes ultra-portable gaming to a new level. The result is a superbly crafted, durable laptop backpack with smart interior partitioning, available in customised versions for both 15.6 and 17.3 inch devices. 3 are currently offered in parallel. Liquid cooling takes up less space than fans. Which is something very impressive, given the beast hardware inside. We assume NO LIABILITY for consequential damages to any items that are placed near or transported with XMG OASIS or its corresponding laptop. Whether you already have the matching drain adapter or whether you would like to order this as well. The team at ROG turned to liquid metal. As a cornerstone for quiet operation under load, the XMG OASIS (2023) relies on intelligent fan control in several respects, not just its own speed control. 5. As we have said in our The water ports on the back of the laptop are stabilised by a screw connection through the top and bottom shell of the laptop. WebThe DeepCool LS720 is a good all-in-one liquid cooler for AMD enthusiasts. Laptop stands with a particularly high inclination should be used with caution, as the connecting tubes, which so not bend with ease, could then also protrude upwards at a high inclination. Custom machines, developed and patented by ROG, painstakingly brush a thin coat of liquid metal onto the CPU die, then add two more tiny drops to ensure no gaps between the chip and heatsink. If the water pipe inside the laptop is damaged due to mechanical damage (impact shock) or inappropriate servicing. Below is a detailed teardown video of the MSI GL65 10Sx: Its always amazing when we can see devices like this, with the ability to deliver both in terms, of hardware and reasonable dimensions. In our official support forum we help you together with our community to answer your questions about XMG and our products. The flow direction is dictated by the water pump inside XMG OASIS. No, water does not leak out on its own. What's the best liquid for PC water cooling? 2): XMGs Laptop Liquid Cooling Receives Improvements, [Release] XMG OASIS: Automatically turn off Fan and Pump during periods of Idle (Automatic Standby), irreparable, permanent damage to your laptop. Liquid cooling keeps your overclocked hardware cooler, so you wont crash your computer or damage your hardware because of overheating. Whether in a laptop or desktop: the operational safety of liquid cooling depends essentially on two factors: The airtightness of the liquid circuit at time of delivery is guaranteed by XMG. Professional desktop workstation for creatives: The XMG STUDIO is an elegant, high-performance PC with low-noise cooling, optimised for the needs of the audio and video community. With a cooling system of this magnitude, you can be sure that the device will receive proper control of the temperatures and will not throttle under heavy load. Actually, the cooling, itself does a decent job, but Acers design that allows you to pull down the keyboard to unleash the beast is second to none. Most importantly: it increases the strength of the bond between the water pipe and the air cooling heat pipes. WebI Liquid Cooled my 2020 MacBook Air and it WORKED! The connector should not be damaged negligently or wantonly through brute force. Since you can't install a larger heatsink in a smaller laptop, our engineers had to find other ways to push the boundaries of our cooling solution. In terms of comfort, the hottest spot on the laptop was just 48C, which is more than decent for a gaming notebook. The XMG Neo 15 / Eluktronics Mech-15 G3 has been updated to support water cooling this year! Liquid flows through the inside of this tube and, thanks to its high thermal conductivity coefficient, transports the excess heat from the aforementioned hotspots directly to the outside with surprisingly high efficiency. If you need the biggest, most powerful liquid cooling unit, look no further. Thanks to the extra thermal efficiency of liquid metal, we were able to reduce fan noise and temperatures while improving our laptops performance at the same time. WebRun AI directly on the CPU without the need for discrete GPU cards. That depends on the type of use. Eluktronics MECH 15 G3R (2022) 15.6" Liquid Cooled Gaming Laptop: Intel Core i9-12900H, NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti, Thunderbolt 4, 1TB PCIe Gen 4 SSD, 32GB DDR5 RAM, Win 11 Home, 15.6 QHD 240Hz Notebook Brand: Eluktronics 83 ratings | 34 answered questions $2,39955 Only 2 left in stock - order soon Capacity: 1TB SSD + 32GB RAM AMD processors and GPUs are much harder to safely apply liquid metal to than Intel processors, due to the numerous surface mounted SMD caps on the processor package. The height of the compatible models is sufficient to provide enough space for both air and water cooling. This is capable of holding the approximately 20 ml of liquid inside the laptop. In the electronics industry, thermal paste consists of non-conductive but thermally efficient compounds that efficiently passes a processors waste heat to the heatsink. In addition to a current, ray tracing capable NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card, the laptop skilfully puts its competitors in their place with fast eight-core processors. Environmental temperatures below 5C (41F) might cause damage to pipes and connectors by freezing the liquid that is still trapped inside. TIM stands for thermal interface material, the most common of which is thermal paste. 2 and Rev. Many have USB fans. But European laptop vendor XMG is debuting a new 15-inch gaming laptop, the XMG Neo 15, along with an external cooler called the XMG Oasis to give laptop gamers cooler and quieter play. However, if you want to upgrade your XMG OASIS, e.g. The presence of the curvy-shaped metal tube inside the laptops does not affect the air cooling in any way. With the powerful XMG TRINITY X gaming PCs, youll put your competitors in the shade. The user must handle the system with care to avoid mechanical damage. With its enormous dimensions and beastly hardware, its the ultimate mobile gaming machine. This circulates cold water through the internal heatsinks of this system cooling up to 20 degrees Celcius for both the CPU & GPU. Compared to operating exclusively with the laptops conventional, yet already very powerful cooling system, the temperature values of the two key components drop by up to 15 C depending on the application. In the long term, this might cause clogging, reduced thermal efficiency, galvanic corrosion, or other system failures. The fans on the device get pretty loud, even without pressing the max fan button.

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